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Bring your villas together under one umbrella

iPro is a expert holiday booking software with a long and successful history working with holiday villa businesses.

Soon after integrating iPro Software with your website, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your business efficiency. By bringing all of your properties - and all employees - together under one powerful system, you can re-mould your entire business model for the better.

The iPro system will streamline your entire holiday booking process, allowing you to spend less time managing more villas. Find yourself with more time to analysing reports, identifying new opportunities, or planning for future campaigns - and that’s just to name a few!

A booking system tailored to you

Whether you have self-catering villas solely in Europe, or have properties dotted all over the world, the iPro booking software is adaptable and scalable to you.

Take control of variant attributes such as multilingual and multi-currency with a singular integrated payment solution for different countries. Don’t miss out on new guests booking just because you don’t have their preferred payment provider!

Find out more about booking management features here.

Track the whole customer journey

Through the iPro System, every single interaction will be tracked in the customer relationship management (CRM) platform. From simple customer queries asking “Is the pool heated?” to in-depth phone calls, you can respond and plan around that customer’s individual journey. This is ideal for exclusive villas and holiday services who wish to track changeover cleans, flight details, car hire, or other concierge services.

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Empower your guests

Give your guests their own unique portal where they can log in to track their booking history with you. This will both give them confidence with your services, and demonstrate you as professional and trustworthy service, much more so that solely using emails.

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Transparent relationship with villa owners

Whether you manage 50 or 500 villa properties (see our enterprise package), working with individual villa owners is an intrinsic part of the business process.

With iPro Software you can provide villa owners with their own personalised dashboard and clearly define payment runs. Dependent on your agreement, these may be weekly or monthly. Not only will this give you global flexibility, but it also will help develop your one to one relationship with the property owners.

Is iPro Software right for me?

Here at iPro we have a simple mission. We want to help holiday rental businesses streamline their processes with one simple and bespoke system.

By integrating iPro, you will likely improve your:

  • Number of bookings
  • Your booking management process
  • Your website conversion rate
  • Employee cooperation & communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Property visibility online

Are you curious to find out how the iPro property management software could work for you? Then get in contact with the team today, or book a free demo here! We’d love to hear from you.

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