Have you seen an increase in last minute bookings?

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In team discussions since the announcement of the snap general election, we have had clients communicate they are seeing an increase in last minute bookings. Numerous factors can affect a customer’s decision on when to book holiday accommodation but is the political turbulence of brexit and the snap general election an influence in their decisions. 

An article from Travel Weekly the suggest that the election has “divided holidaymakers into two camps”.

1. They will be cautious about booking until the outcome of the election
2. They are keen to escape and get away

The reasons for being cautious would be predominantly driven by economic factors i.e. the exchange rate fluctuations, through to the cost of living being affected by the outcome of the election. Getting the best deal, can incentives the holidaymaker to book a holiday or get currency for their travels at the last minute.

The second camp they have most likely secured their holiday early on or want peace of mind in advance. With the exchange rate of the pound altering did this group of tourists book before the currency became unstable? Or did they have a specific date and destination in mind, to be certain when booking their holiday.

The political changes have come unexpectedly to us all and raises questions on how will it continue to affect the booking behaviour of holidaymakers. Reports from the industry are suggesting brexit hasn’t damped spending on holidays despite rising costs, even though historically people will postpone big purchases till after an election. Whatever the outcome of the election and brexit negotiations, turbulent times are ahead for the UK.

Do you think the last minute booking climate will increase? We are interested to find out how your business has been affected.

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