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When it comes to targeted online advertising, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram immediately come to mind. They offer beautiful visualisation opportunities, reasonably accurate targeting, and carry a certain “cool” factor which draws businesses in. However, there is one social medium which can boast your marketing with more precise targeting. LinkedIn has over a quarter-billion verified users, and close to half of them are keen to engage with new products and services advertised on the network.

Indeed, LinkedIn offers a large audience – and more – to the keen B2C marketer. Here is how you can unleash the professional network’s full potential to the benefit of your holiday rental business.

Your company page

You might think LinkedIn company pages are corporate territory only. Quite the contrary: Your well-designed and informative holiday rental business page will feel right at home on the social network. It will make it much easier to find for potential customers, remember to add several Showcase Pages (formerly Product and Service highlights). These take a deeper dive into your special deals, various locations and other unique offers which make you stand out from the crowd.

Serious leads

One of the reasons LinkedIn is less popular for advertising holiday rentals is its designation as a “professional network”. The implication here is that users are only there for work-related communication and are, therefore, less receptive to marketing offers; they are “too serious”, one might say. In reality, the overall “seriousness” of LinkedIn users plays to your advantage. Everyone needs a vacation, your holiday business will find a strong customer base on the professional network.

Enter Matched Audiences

While most other social media will provide you with fairly accurate audience targeting, LinkedIn goes the further with its Matched Audiences. In the platform you can upload CSV files with as many email addresses or company names from your database. It then matches your data to its 300 million users and nearly 12 million company pages. Add the website re-targeting functionality and you have yourself an engagement tool that is powerful yet easy to use.

Content marketing at the ready

Once you have identified your target audience of professionals for your holiday rental business, you can unleash your online marketing strategy. After all, you are working with a sophisticated content publishing platform here, so you can apply all your tried and tested content marketing strategies. You can increase engagement on the professional network by several orders of magnitude by including a hyperlink and an image into your post.

Opportunity at your fingertips

As the third most popular social network worldwide, LinkedIn offers strong and unique opportunities for promoting your holiday rental services. Do not hesitate to make full use of the platform and enjoy the returns!

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